If it doesn't communicate, it fails
oh great!
Хими отказали н всех курсах на которые она подавала документы, а вместо одного вообще предложили место на Multimedia. Вот скажите мне какая связь у Graphic Design или Illustration или Visual Communication с созданием игр, разработкой дизайна сайтов, 3d анимацией и т.д. Это же совершенно другая степь!!!
Короче Хими недовольна.

Кей, не хочешь стать Ольгой Максименко и поехать вместо меня? Ты же хотела на game design )))

2008-04-17 в 23:08 

меняем настройки по одной за раз
Oh damn...this must have reaaaaaallly hurt. So, now what? I hope that doesn't mean you're skipping a year now, does it? ( or maybe admissing to some of domestic universities, which is quite the same )

2008-04-18 в 00:06 

If it doesn't communicate, it fails
I'm not really sure.. Maybe i'll take a chanse and decline this offer. Then i'll have an opporunity to apply through UCAS to a similar cource at some other university that still has plases to offer . Anyway I have time untill the end of June..
However i don't feel quite positive about the result..
And I definitly DON't want to study here...